Nascar comes to RLD as Hotwheels

HotWheelsRacing Thursday, 8/9/2018

It would be a series event following the reg season. 4 different series at the same time: pro (like monster energy nascar cup series), semi-pro (like xfinity series), Truck (like camping world truck series), and indy (like verizon indy car series. Let me know if u want to host a race official thread will be posted in december the series start in February. U will need car numbers and names to keep them separate. Once names and #'s are chosen no one else can choose them. For each team names and #'s will cary over to other series if u choose to participate in more than one series. Eligible cars for each series will be announced on the official thread


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Scottman27 8/9/18

Ok iam kinda confused ,is this a mail in series Races or is this like a fantasy league where you just pick the cars that running??

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LeagueofSpeed 8/9/18
Event coordinator

This is a young RLD'er who we are bringing along...and despite my advise...believes he's ready for this type of event...once again HWR....enter some events other than some cars...and then lob this kinda event out there...just my two cents.

U would send in cars however when I posted it and went to bed I decided to just do a pro series. Now that I know how to post pics and vids my track will be on the track directory SOON all I have to do is come up with an origins story & name and itll be on there.

  • Remember to use the event posting when you finally get around to setting and date, etc. so you can be prompted to enter necessary info. Otherwise folks may get confused and it won't appear on the calendar. Good luck in hosting! — redlinederby

Ok thanks. Ive done races on my youtube channel already and the lanes r even so will get the track on the track directory just b4 school

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