NASCAR JLH Krafts Truck Racing Series Cup Qualifying for Australia Tasmanian Speedway 2020

CutRock_R_Marc_D Friday, 1/8/2021

NASCAR JLH Krafts Truck Racing Series Cup Qualifying for Australia Tasmanian Speedway 2020

Round 2 – Downunder qualifying at the Tasmanian Speedway!

Well, here we are, qualifying on the first open fat track of the Series!

The track set up? A long rundown to the first Mag Track, right hand 180 corner, then a long straight with a very slight decline, followed by another right hand 180, flat tracking to the finish line.

The result? I think overwhelmingly the drivers that got into the top (golden)15 after the first round are counting their lucky stars! The perils of getting into the wrong line on these corners can end in roll overs, spins etc! Only 5 drivers in the top 15 posted qualifying times!

So, with the shackles of the laned Martinsville removed, who could take advantage?

The very early running saw Cutrock’R (Solid Muscle) as the leading light of the top 15, Skeeter Davis (Po’Boy Racing) coming second in his MotorMax Race Truck. Then Finn Theodore of Red Pill, purred around the track in his Tacoma, to sit on top of the list. Meanwhile many drivers were having some issues managing the track. Then the pretty blue and white Datsun 620 of CJ Rundle (Rundles Custom Detailing), came out and flew around the track! Upsetting all the favoured drivers already in the garage with a blistering run! Well done to the relatively new team! Dave Akers (Tacoma) took up the challenge and got on top of the CJ Rundle time to look like heading the list. Then late in the qualifying session, Frank Kline prepped up his secondary truck, an F150. It wouldn’t have mattered if the sub4ra live video feed wasn’t lagging! You would not have seen it anyway! The F150 absolutely smoked around the track, with a time that put daylight second! Well done, pole position!

There were some other great qualifying efforts! Frank Kline and Dave Akers were 1 & 2, but wow, Silverback Racing’s John Hansen ran up to 3rd in his Lionel Ford Truck, Crazy Ruby of the Outcasts 4th with a MotorMax truck, and rounding out the top 5 was Jefe Customs, BamBam driving a Ford Lightning. Great effort!

It is hard to go through them all, but there were many other top performances by newer teams!

Well done and good luck!

To all those who didn't have the greatest day in qualifying here, another race day, can be a whole different result!

I have attached a listing of the 36 who qualified to race. The times filled with orange are the existing top 15 in points.

I have also attached the “Pure Times” list which shows in order how your qualifying time for this event compared to everyone else.

It would be great if you could leave some feedback.

Many thanks to Po’Boy as usual.

Cheers all.

The Race Day 36 Starters

The Pure Fastest Times


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Peter_Bee 1/8/21

I really appreciate your efforts in recording these numbers. You must LOVE spreadsheets.

With ony 41 of 113 trucks even finishing a lap, it shows a poorly designed track. There's more to track building than connecting random pieces together. This is my first series on the Sub4RA channel, and I won't be participating in any more  series there. I like racing on tracks where everyone finishes as a rule, not the other way around.

Cheers mate!

  • Thanks Peter. I think it is important for all competitors to see how they faired, but yes it is a bit of work! The track was tough and unforgiving and a lot did not make it. I can understand the frustration. Cheers, all the best out there to you. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Poorly designed track from connecting random pieces of track? Hmmm...???? I'll have to take this post to the sub4ra community tab and take a vote. — sub4ra
  • When only 41 of 113 vehicles can make a lap, it's not good. It's a simple oval. Maybe the grade is too steep entering the turns? You should want as many cars as possible recording a time, not just seeing who survives. That's what demolition derbies are for lol. Besides, I'm sure poor Marc of CutRock R gets bored typing DNF in his spreadsheets. Give him some times! — Peter_Bee
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sub4ra 1/10/21

Thank you as always for the hard work with the spreadsheets Marc and PoBoy. Much appreciated. 


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SpyDude 1/10/21

Can we get some pictures of the track in the directory?  I am interested in seeing what this one looks like.

  • Sweet! — SpyDude
  • Thankx for the post Marc! — sub4ra
  • When we come back in 2021 we hope to have another right hand turn. — sub4ra
  • All good SpyDude, happy to assist where I can. Cheers. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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