New Big Belter and Matchmaker?? Dragstrip Champion set

Rusty Sunday, 3/17/2019

Picked up this set from Wally World just to see how well it works.I do understand that most of the tracks here are down hill but just wanted to show this deal.I was 8 in 68 when Hot wheels really took off.Been playing with them ever since.We have always liked the Big belter and Matchmaker that came out early on.Here is a well made video of the set.

As you can see lots of fun.These are getting some age on them now and many are used up.Plus working models are pricey.I've been looking for a close replacement.Always enjoyed drag racing thru competion starts with a Christmas tree.

Well this little $15 dollar set is pretty close and lots of fun.You pull back the launchers,set the tree and get ready for green.Too fast get get stopped by the "red light" which is really just the arm that raises as the tree turns green..The tree works almost like the original with the slide trigger device running thru a series of delays.Very little track with the set,but that is easy to add too..Like my buddy says in his video,Still fast,still fun.


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Rusty 3/26/19

Well we are enjoying this little drag strip.Added it to the layout.Have the Gravity strip in the rear of the slot car layout and this one along the front..

Yes, I love this new set. I picked one up as soon as I found it. It adds an extra dimension of racing for our group, since it's not just about the fastest car but reaction times too. No batteries just a simple gravity mechanism. You can't beat it.

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