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Big_Poppy Thursday, 3/14/2019

Hi Guys, I’m new to the site. I am planning on constructing a 1:64th scale quarter-mile drag venue. I intend on doing this with an adjustable incline, using sizzler fat track but limiting the race to two lanes by restricting access on the track itself with guide rails/barriers. It’ll have dual timers with a slow down area after finish line. I’d like to hold my first race around the 4th of July. I am planning on a 3 camera set up with one qualifying heat. Then racing a double elimination race with 2nd bracket to finals. Anyone have any pointers or tips that I can use to keep my sanity and have a good product for you the racer/viewer?

Big Poppy


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LeagueofSpeed 3/14/19
Event coordinator

Trail and Error my friend...just go with it...the refinement is half the fun!!!

Pics of track? welcome... lets race!

Try not to let your imagination go wild and keep it a simple as you can. Keep posting questions, everyone on this site is more than welcome to give advice. They helped me out tons. 

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