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redlinederby Friday, 9/11/2020
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Everything under $20

I'm a hat guy and thus I'm quite picky about my hats. They gotta fit right and feel right, so I was happy to discover that the print service I use for logo gear has a nice, comfortable baseball hat that feels good. You can order your own RLD logo ball cap and race with it, maybe mow the lawn too, eitherway it's comfy. If you're a hat person, check it out. 

And with colder weather right around the corner, the RLD winter cap is back in stock as well. I wore one last winter and while it's not a Carhartt or anything, it gets the job done when you're running around town.

The classic Redline Derby logo t-shirt is still available and I added an old favorite back to the rack...the RLD old school logo baseball shirt. It's a 3/4 sleeve shirt with what I call the "garage logo" on it. A few of these made it out into wild several years ago but this is the first time they're available for purchase.

Of course, if you're looking for something truly useful, the axle alignment jigs are in-stock and ready to ship. Order yours and have your next mod roll just a little bit faster.

If you do buy some merch, share a photo on social media and let everyone know you support Redline Derby and the diecast racing hobby. 

Browse the selection and place your order through our shop on Etsy

What other type of gear and merch would you like to see?


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TheMakersBox 9/13/20

Decals?  Quickest way to dress up a ride and show your support.

  • Good call...and they've been on my list for a long time, just having trouble finding a good/economical source — redlinederby

I got my shirt today.  I'll be wearing it in my headshot in tomorrow's DRR!

  • So you were the guy! Thanks for the support. BTW, your interview is still on the table... — redlinederby
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