New research on cone shaped wheels

Ralph_Technology97 Friday, 7/24/2020


A few months ago I posted about a different way to mod wheels for racing. Here is the original article for those that want to give it a read:

After testing this technique numerous times it resulted in faster runs on the track as it reduces friction greatly. But I noticed that on cars with a wide wheelbase it provided other contact points. 6 to be exact. I used 2 Ferrari Italias for this demonstration since it has a wide wheelbase. In the first pic you can see how the outside-inside coned wheels rub against the track a total of 6 times (including on the wall) Here is picture #1:

Cars are going to ride the track walls on occassions so I had to find a way to eliminate that problem. I then started coning them from the inside-outside instead of from the outside-inside. It worked! If the car decides to ride the wall it will only do so on one contact point per wheel. Now I have 4 contact points in total. This resulted in faster runs since friction was reduced even more. Here is picture #2:

I hope this helps anyone that wants to be faster on the track! 


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Chaos_Canyon 7/24/20

Good to have confirmation but I had thought it would make more sense to have the outside be the contact point for added stability as well. Is this just on drag tracks or have you tested it on fat track as well?

  • Stability has never been an issue when coning wheels in any style. I have not tried this on fat track but my guess is it will work just fine and maybe even better as your car is running with less resistance on the wheels. Hope this helps :) — Ralph_Technology97

Cheers & thanks for sharing your journey with coned wheels.

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RAGTAG_JIM 7/24/20

Im gonna have to give this a shot and seewhat i can do with my builds... im still very new to modding and try to pick upp ideas to go faster and faster.... my most recent build would definitly beat the crap outt my first two.... probably by a mile!!!! im gonna try this out tonight !!!

  • Nice! Hope these little tips help you :) — Ralph_Technology97
  • I'm sure they will lol.... I have a sander that goes on my drill and that's how I've been flatin my tires to stick a little better but I'm sure I could use the same sander to do this as well..... Atleast I'm gonna give it a shot — RAGTAG_JIM
  • Be sure to use a polishing felt to spin the wheel. It has a nicer surface for the wheel to spin — Ralph_Technology97
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Blipside 8/10/20

Thanks for the info & testing. 

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DRAGtoon 2/3/21

I noticed the gold wheel early 80s HotWheels had the wheels molded with angle and used smaller piano wire. I tested my DRAGtoon'd chevy2 custom car to one of my old corvettes..they are still hard to beat. 

I know this is an older post but thanks for the info! 

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Crazy_Canuck 5/11/23

How did you cone them?

  • See the link in the top post...just a dremel — redlinederby

I am wondering why they are coned with the shorter side out? Ah... saw the second photo with the cone facing in... now that makes more sense to me.


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Numbskull 11/13/23

  • hhhmmmm.... — dr_dodge
  • That works for trains because of the rails... really not applicable to flat track... on a flat track you are not running on the cone like you are on properly set up rails... and in reality you will never run on the cone unless your car is tipping over. You do get the advantage of reduced resistance from less contact area but that could be a ridge, it doesn't have to be a cone. — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • My car, your car, the car is always flipping over. — Numbskull
  • p.s. you are correct, I do not run these, but the idea is fascinating. — Numbskull
  • agreed... — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • the actual physics, even more so, more vodka — dr_dodge
  • you could actually go faster, possibly, — dr_dodge
  • double cone? — dr_dodge
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