New source for "Sizzler" Track? Crash Racers

Rusty Wednesday, 9/25/2019

Picked this set up just because who doesn't enjoy crashing cars??The set is a long Figure eight,designed like Sizzler track,but two lane instead of 3 lane.Cars charge in about 10 seconds and really move.With the set you get 2 cars ,2 charging bases,4 straights,two long curves and the crossover.Pretty cool for $30 bucks..Could be a way to get some extra track for the down hill racers..


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3DBotMaker 9/25/19

I picked up one of those sets too. I don't know how they expect kids to assemble those turns because I certainly had a hard time putting them together. The track is pretty nice for $30. It would be interesting to use the crossover piece in a down hill race.

  • Your right on the curves,just like the ol' sizzlers,kinda hard to do.That makes your stuff even better! — Rusty
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redlinederby 9/26/19
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That looks pretty fun! Dig the cars that fall apart...I woulda been sold on that when I was kid. And $30 sounds like a great deal for all those parts. Surprised they didn't give just 1 charger and make you buy another.

  • I agree.the cars are the kinda of stuff we would have loved to have a kids.heck,I still like em! — Rusty

Think the augmoto track is on amazon for like$40 I think so I bought 2 to try and make some type of fat track out of it. If I can't then wife's grand sons will get it for chrismas

  • Stocking up on as many Augmoto pieces as I can myself. Just about there with my layout. — SinisterGrackle
  • I really like the curves — MDG_Racing
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MDG_Racing 9/29/19

Mattel issued the 2 lane track as 'X-V Racers' in case anyone wants to look for some to match up with the new figure 8 track. These curves with the Daytona 500 set work very well and are not hard to assemble.

Circa 1997 made in Mexico

Hope this is informative.

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