My scratch builds for new track

CanesBart Wednesday, 5/22/2024

The theme is "Horror" (I have hundreds of cool 1/64 zombies and movie horror icon figs).

The original Night of the Living Dead farm house, cabins from Camp Crystal Lake, cabin from Evil Dead, Jason's shack.


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CanesBart 5/22/24

They look really cool & creepy Turn loose the Zombies for sure..... as Dutch posted Halloween race maybe coming up? Cant wait to see everything together...

  • Thank you. We zombie miniature game then anyway, so that's a great idea. I an see rolling dice for random zombies on trackvwhen race starts! (The Twilight ones are soft, rubbery plastic, and aren't killed when run over. They bounce, or sometimes get caught under chassis and cause wrecks. Lol, I already tested that) — CanesBart
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Fat_Dad 5/23/24

So cool. That is some amazing work. 

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dr_dodge 5/23/24

nice work, what are you using for materials?


  • Mostly ball point pen scribed foamboard, with paper layer removed. I scratch it with copper brush for wood grain. Also scribed styrene for clapboard (if you paint 75% pva/25% water on a foambord base, you can use superglue to adhere styrene to it (and also spray paint it) — CanesBart
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CanesBart 5/23/24

Dang, the Dawn of the Dead Mall for the last straightaway sounds great!  ( but maybe too ambitious for my first "Big" track).  Besides, can't find a 78 Sirrocco in 1/64 scale.  :)

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LobotomyScam 5/24/24

Very cool. I love 70's and '80's horror movies. I actually have a keychain made out of the wood from the main cabin in the first Friday the 13th movie. I can't wait to see it when you get it finished.

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CanesBart 5/28/24

Oh No!  It's the Uneeda Medical Supply company!  I hope the cars don't crash and release the Trioxin!

I might get sued by the Darrow Chemical Company!

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CanesBart 5/30/24

Probably don't need three guesses as to what this will be.   Need a place for those DoH rubber tired cars to  look good somewhere on the course.....

  • Perhaps you do? :) it's the Boars Nest! — CanesBart
  • Lol, Been making wargaming terrain for so long, I think I overdid the weathering. No problem, I'll just dry brush it back to a newer finish! — CanesBart
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CanesBart 5/30/24

Evil Dead cabin coming along....

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