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Tom_keenan Saturday, 5/16/2020

Last month I stumbled across 3dbotmaker's YouTube channel.  I've since have found Hot Wheels Calgary, Diecast64, Red Line Racing, and many others.  I am now hooked.

Having caught the racing bug I bought a ton of orange track and the super 6 lane speedway through Amazon, along with many assorted Hot Wheels.  My intention is to build a 4 lane drag strip and a 2 lane rally course. However my plans had to be put on hold since my 6 lane speedway has not yet made it here.  It seems to be stuck in the UPS system.  I've tried bidding my time by catching up on all the racing action YouTube has to offer, but it just isn't enough.  I just have to race.

So I put together a small 2 lane drag strip that should help my desire to race.  I still have some organizing to do to make more room for the track.  Here is a bad photo of the temp layout.  I plan on a much better setup once I have everything organized and the speedway.


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Chaos_Canyon 5/16/20

Welcome. If you're looking for more racing action in your downtime, check out Chaos Canyon on YouTube. There is a mammoth 53 min Canyon Overlord tournament plus we've just finished the Redemption series.

  • Thanks. I've seen some of your races and they look like fun. I'll be checking more out later. — Tom_keenan
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redlinederby 5/16/20
Site manager

Welcome to Redline Derby, Tom. Glad you found us and hope you enjoy your time browsing around and sharing your fun. Check out the Archive for tons of great articles and discussions...and happy racing!

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LeagueofSpeed 5/16/20
Event coordinator

Welcome to Redline Derby Racing...feel free to PM me with any questions you might have about anything that crosses your mind via Diecast Racing 

Peace and Speed-League of Speed 

  • Thanks for the offer. If I have any questions I'll besure to ask. — Tom_keenan
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Tom_keenan 5/27/20

I recently received my 6 lane super speedway and have finished building the dragstrip.  It is 24 feet in length and at this time I only plan on using 4 lanes keeping the middle lanes clear.  Since I am a retired Air Force vet I decided to go with a patriotic theme.  I'm calling the strip "Freedom Run".

I'm wanting to build an diorama featuring a military honor guard but have no idea where to find them..Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Good on you Tom! A great hobby to get into, though it's becoming more of a sport! Cheers mate! — Cutty_Marc_D
  • Awesome! I really dig the name as well. Happy racing! — GhostDriver
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Chaos_Canyon 5/27/20

Hobby stores will have a range of figures but it’s hard to find 1/64 scale (at least in nz) usually it’s 1/72 or 1/87. 

You can also find a few figures on Ali-express. You may not find military specifically but you might be able to repaint some of the security/train staff. 

More if you have one (or can get it down by a friend etc) you could try 3D printing them

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