Next weekend's tournament getting reset, re-enter cars

redlinederby Sunday, 6/30/2013
Site manager

Next weekend's tournaments are being hosted in Iowa by IowaStockCars and shortly after the brackets opened today at 6P ET, he mailed me about seeing cars in the entry list that were not in his collection. I confirmed the report and found the problem, which is good.

The bad part is it means I need to reset the tournaments and clear out any cars that were already entered. will NOT be placed back into your garage as the system doesn't give me that option.

If you entered a garage car and would like some free credits to make up for what credits you might have earned, please PM me and I'll give you a reward code to redeem. It's the best I can offer.

My apologies for the trouble, confusion and any strategies thwarted for this pair of tournaments.

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