Nissan Proto Z - screwing back together

James_B Wednesday, 6/22/2022

Hey scale racers and modifiers,

I was stoked as to get my hands on a Nissan Proto Z and set to work on making it a quick gravity racer. To my surprise when I drilled it apart, the rear stem is plastic and attached to the window/top shell of the casting!
That means, it's not as straight forward as the metal stems I'm used to so I'm not sure how to screw it back together.

I have considered filling the plastic stem with glue then adding a thread into that but keen to hear how you have tackled this hurdle, before I go too far with glue on this. 

I do want to use screws instead of permanently gluing it shut in case I need to edit the weight for a race in the future. 


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SpyDude 6/22/22

Honestly, use E6000.  While it is a glue, it is also a rubber cement type glue,which means that you can pull the car apart later on if you need to.  What I do is run a bead down the inside of each door, then press the chassis back into the body and let it dry overnight. If you need to go back in and do some mods, use an xacto knife to cut the glue, and the bottom pops right off.

I've been racing for a year and a half, and have never had a car come apart on me yet.

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