Nothing but your Hot Wheels collection

LottaSpeedRacing Friday, 4/12/2024

Hi. If you're anything like me, you like collecting large sums of 1:64 scale cars and looking at those cars over and over again. 

So here is a post to share your records, cars (Mint condition, or out of package), and just your favorite, rarest and proudest cars in your collection!


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LobotomyScam 4/12/24

I have a few of my favorites on my end table, I should probably rotate them. I have a big extra bedroom full of cars and tracks. After I started collecting again last year I am hooked. 

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JBlotner42 4/14/24

Building something to show off the wife's cars. Just the basic layout for now, going to add a background and stuff.

Got the bottom paint on. Need to print off a background. 

That BMW is probably my favorite car in my 240+ car collection. (Just picked up a few things from Slanman as well) I also have a couple bins of over a thousand old cars (Some of them are old, some are new). Some of 'em are fast, and I use them for modding!

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EnZedRacing 4/16/24

Grabbed a few of these lego displays from Kmart (yeah, still going strong in NZ and Australia) 

They are great for holding a few of the favourites...

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