Off The Pegs: Treasure Hunt Caddy (video)

markkaz Wednesday, 8/25/2010


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Jobe 8/25/10

Do you have to be there at opening everyday to get something like that?

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redlinederby 8/25/10
Site manager

Liberating a Hunt has to feel good. I bet the Jedi felt that one when you ripped it open.

To open or not to open? ... t-to-open/

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markkaz 8/26/10

I work nights so I'm sleeping when the stores open. This video is
at a 24-hour WM that I visit after work sometimes. I went to the
pegs and the case was sittin on the floor already opened up.

I was expecting a 70 or 71 count case with the TH's missing but
no cars were removed. I pegged it up, bought what I wanted, and
put the box over in the cart that they had with the rest of the
cardboard that was to be recycled.

I put the Super behind another car just to be sure that nobody
came buy and snagged it while I was filming.

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redlinederby 8/26/10
Site manager

So you did their job for them just to get some cars? Now *that's* dedication....and maybe a little scary

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Jobe 8/26/10

yeah so you restocked the shelves? too funny.

I was at Target last night and they had a display where you pull a lever back and a car shoots up a tube and it says how fast it went. Then it makes a vroom vroom noise! I thought it was kind of cool...I'll go back and take a photo or video. Got a repackaged Mystery car(but had a plain Zotic in it) for 71 cents and a Volcano edition Twin Mill in black with flames.

Why does everyone have to pry open the Mystery cars...or steal them? And I know it's not all kids!

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markkaz 8/27/10

It's not really dedication. I don't want a bad reflection on collectors
by leaving a mess behind.

Some Wal-Marts have or enforce policies that state that only
employees can put out merchandise. I definitely wanted the
TH's and a few others so I wasn't going to wait. I also didn't
want to get in trouble or even thrown out so I made an
effort to be as kind as possible.

I can't make the daily morning dash anymore nor do I want to.
Finding TH's is still a rush and finding a Super to boot was
just fantastic!

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markkaz 8/27/10

OOPS! Forgot to respond to Jobe too...

A friend called me to bust my B's about how silly it is to actually
video buying the diecast 'off the pegs' but then he said that he
seen the Target 'launch tubes' and he thought about me doing a

As for the Mystery Cars, I did one video already pointing out
the hole in the card:

Here's another video showing me pegging another CHASE!

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JDC442 8/27/10

I like your 'off the pegs' videos. Original and fun to watch!

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Quique69 9/1/10

Lucky day!

I only once found a TH$. Regular TH are easier.

To open or not to open?

I totally agree with your article. My motto should be "Fun or death".


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