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Official Blackwall Blitz 2017

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Traction-Event 11/27/16

After some test runs this weekend, here are my current "fast" blackwalls. Not sure what can be done about speeding them up...

  • Have you tried straightening the axles on the Baja Breaker? — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon
  • the whole truck is pretty beat, lots on wheel to axle play... no fixing that — Traction-Event
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FOTF 11/27/16

Is it required to enter one in each class, or could you just enter one of the classes?

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Sweet 11/27/16

I just joined and I have a total of 15 cars, with no track (yet). So, I'm just starting to get the terms straight. This would be an original black wall? Right?..It was in my tiny pile,

I'm in!...I'll get whatever I have to get!

Note to self: Get (make) a track....Buy a scale...And don't tell anyone your eBay name, they'll start hating.

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Traction-Event 11/27/16

The wheels on that Mustang are "Hot Ones" type... and would not qualify for the Stock class... But if you drilled it apart and put the 5SP wheels on as shown above it would work. since the casting is from the correct time range. 

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

both accepted wheel types are shown at the top of this thread. 

All wheel types are listed here...  BW and 5SP are accepted for this race.

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Sweet 11/27/16

Got it! That link is exactly what I needed....Thanks

  • BTW, that black mustang above is a fine looking car — Traction-Event
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aircooled 11/30/16

Is the 75g the total for both cars?

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delta6 12/1/16

Would it help, or is it even necessary, to specify "Mattel production black 5 spoke wheels"?

Very few of us have access to engineered, milled, or 3D printed wheels.

I bought this one last summer at a beach store. It was in a bag with other good-conditioned Blackwalls. The infamous funny car!

Tracksurgeon Racing has hired a madman named Aven to drive: "All hail Master Castrol! Hahahahahaha!"

@Delta6, I understand your point, but I would hope that at this point everyone understands what wheels/axles are acceptable.

I look forward to seeing your Blackwall choice and what you build for the Mod class.

lets all remember we are playing with toy cars... enjoy it and the others that do the same.

I've found an even faster funny car.

  • shiney... — Traction-Event
  • Love this video! Watching the cars was a flashback to my 1970s tournaments and I laughed out loud at the shots of folks looking for cars. — Chopper
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Traction-Event 12/15/16

In an effort to build excitement...

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gtaman 12/15/16

I am interested, I think I have this one covered...

  • Nice rides, original Dixe Challenger... Nice. Some minty hard to finds there — Traction-Event
  • Surprisingly not crazy expensive, compared to redlines at least. Most can be had for $20, the bus was difficult to find minty — gtaman

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