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Official Blackwall Blitz 2017

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72_Chevy_C10 12/16/16

Just a quick question, TE...didn't you originally have a 'no funny cars' line in your rules?

  • I did in the original post, but not this thread. With the 75g max.. no reason to exclude them — Traction-Event
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KandORacing 12/21/16

Just confirming that graphite is allowed on the stock cars yeah?

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Mcjiggles9 1/10/17

I am very interested in this and ill see what I can dig up

I am interested.  I will enter a car in each class. 

Also.  Some 5 spoke wheels come in red or blue.  Not all of them are silver.  Were not going to get picky on color?  It has no affect on function. 

  • Welcome! glad to have you racing with us. I understand your comment, silver sharpie? just for looks. — Traction-Event

Less than 2 weeks to ship your cars out!!!   Don't be late!!! Get those racers in the mail!!!

Well, I scoured my mid 90's box....I've got an '95 Enforcer # 461 and '95 Turbo Streak # 470, but they already have the 5 spoke, so no swap out and modify choice....I will watch and enjoy the racing. Good Luck to All!!!! 

Got cars in the mail today from undercoverbuick.  To my knowledge a new racer here, WELCOME!  Cars arrived safe and sound... 

Maybe I needed to do more R&D lol

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Diecast64 1/29/17

I’ve had my stock car for a while. Picked these three up for cheap, putting new kicks on the Corvette and should get my cars shipped out early this week.

  • How did you pull the shell off the funnycar? — gtaman
  • Used a dremel. I'll be JB Welding it back together. It's not going to be opening anymore. :) — Diecast64
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delta6 1/30/17

Cars away!


I'll update this thread as cars arrive. Voxxer's cars are here.

Please respond if you have cars on the way. I think I'm waiting on the following


K&O racing





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