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Official Blackwall Blitz 2017

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gtaman 2/1/17

I am going to ship tomorrow if thats ok.

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KandORacing 2/1/17

I'm sorry, I totally forgot about this. I won't be in it, time got away.

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Diecast64 2/1/17

I totally had the wrong date in my head, so hopefully my cars make it in time.  They're in the mail.  Tracking number 9505 5130 0646 7032 1247 53

Expected arrival is Saturday.  If they don't make it, don't make everyone wait for me.  You can still race on Sunday.

Could I mail my stock entry today and have it arrive by Monday?

  • this is the weekend I have time to race/video... sorry... original post 11/22/16 — Traction-Event

Delivered and ready to race as of 2/3/17





Delta 6

Traction Event

Am I waiting on anyone other gtaman for Saturday delivery? it would be nice for the brackets with 8 in each class... but it looks like we'll have 7...


This race is in the books... For the dark cars I placed a neon green sticker on the top for easier viewing on the dark track. 

Small turnout, but that seems to be the norm around here these days... Some fast cars, and fast rookies... but only one would rise to the top in each class. Sit back and enjoy the Super Bowl pre-race.

I'll have a full rundown after everyone has seen the videos


  • Nice job, how the heck do i always get voxxer first round :) — gtaman
  • I hear ya, but if you want to be the gotta beat the best. — Traction-Event

Thanks to all who entered, it’s the members on the forum that keep racing alive.

Voxxer built some fast hot rods for this race, and we all got to see the backs of those cars. Congrats on a solid win.


Good builds all around, other than Voxxer’s cars the field looked pretty close. UCB, great first effort here, but Delta 6 tracked down your Modified car on the low track. Great race.  If we were running the high track the result could have been different. GTAman’s Stocker was a fast car, but rolled snake eyes in the first round and drew Voxxer.  Don’t feel bad we all got beat. I only beat my son in one round… got hear about it all weekend…lol.  CCRiders “Modgoose” was well built and great to look at. UCB’s stocker was heavy and fast… great choice on casting.


I will be sending cars and prizes out by the end of the week.

  • I know my car was pretty fast (2.25 second quarter), I have a timer finish line, I should have graphited it. — gtaman

I already know 2 changes I am going to make to the Buick.  I think the small tire in front kills it on the top end.  I put too much emphasis on weight placement vs. having the car make maximum weight.  Clearly, that kills it on the top end. 

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delta6 2/6/17

That's the 3rd Jet Threat II that I've built and gotten positive results. Specifically that one had no polished axles, no added weight(no room for it) and just some graphite on the wheels. Wonder what another 20 grams would've done?

Thanks to the host!

Congrats to the winner!

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