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Official Redline Derby Axle Alignment Jig

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redlinederby 3/30/20
Site manager

Axle alignment jigs are back on sale. Shipping times might be extended due to trip limitations but you'll get your product as soon as possible.

Just placed an order for a second one last week. The one I ordered a month or so ago is a little warped I think, my wheels wobble a bit

  • Sorry that it sounds like you got a bad one. I try to check each one to make sure the blocks slide well and click into place. I do accept returns if you're unhappy with a jig. — redlinederby
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GTRguy83 4/23/20

Order placed can't wait to use it.

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GTRguy83 5/4/20

Got mine today and already putting it to use. Than you love it already.

  • Lookin' good! Even got some screws in the ashtray, LOL — redlinederby

Great jig....and i do use hot glue, works fine on a race track.  Use Stanley dual temperature and a high quality glue gun like the Arrow brand for $60 at Home Depot, the hotter the glue, the stiffer it cools.

Just a tip, instead of using small weights to hold the car down, just use a rubber band.

  • Agreed. I drop on a few wheels weights to keep it firm, nothing too serious — redlinederby

I thought of a design change to improve the jig.  Put in a bolt and wing nut through the pieces that slide and add a long slot in the sides,  that way you can lock in your wheelbase and prevent it from falling out if you turn it upside down.

  • Not a bad idea, I might explore that, thanks. When are you turning your jig upside down? — redlinederby

When gluing plain axles with no tubes, I want to hold the car upright in one hand, and put the jig upside down on the wheels, then flip it over.

If I flip the car over, the glue is not sticky enough to keep the axles from falling out.

Got mine a few weeks ago! Thanks

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