Ok, so I have an idea but don't have a track...

Underdogs_Unleashed Wednesday, 8/23/2023

Hey all, I've been wanting to do something for a while now but I don't have a track to host the event.

So basically I'm asking you what you think of the idea, and if you guys like it, I'd like one of you to host the race/tournament.

Okay, so it goes like this... what about a race only open to one casting, one mainline easily available new on the pegs for almost everyone, and everyone will have to have the exact same version of it. You can mod it (weight, polish, dry lube, everything) but don't paint or add or remove decals. All the cars must look exactly the same as the other builders cars. Also swapping wheels for another style or color would be prohibited too. All those anonymous and exactly alike cars would reach the host, who will add numbers on them, NOT the regular racers numbers (no #69 for R-Lo for example), but assigned pretty randomly so we cannot know which car belongs to whom. Only the race host will know this information, which will be released at the very end of last video with rankings and stuff.

So while watching the races, you'll probably end up rooting for like #4, not being aware of if it's your friend or a long time rival, or even you..

I think this would also allow some rookies to step in more easily than being compared and intimidated by the looks of some builders here (Numbskull, Mr.Darq, EP...)

I was thinking of a fantasy casting, like the El Segundo Coupe, silver version. It has a white circle for the numbers already and since it's not a production model, should remain on the pegs a little bit longer 

So? What do you think?


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redlinederby 8/23/23
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The blind reveal is the interesting part here, IMO. If the modders take that into consideration and don't follow the brand into account (like R-Lo not being pink & blue), then it becomes even more fun. Not only the cheering for rivals part but just as a viewer not knowing who the "expert" is and thinking it's someone when it turns out to be a rookie (or maybe their guess is right) either way, it's part of the fun trying to figure it out.

Where you thinking a drag race or on a mountain? I think doing this as a drag would be more compelling given the "blind" nature of things. Plus it removes a lot of the unknowns from the track.

The one casting limitation is pretty standard and one I often tried because I think it kinda levels the playing field a bit. More so if you pick a casting that is a little...umm...less than popular :) So that way the veterans have a challenge as well.

So your next step is to just get a track! 

  • I just don't drag race at all lol, the only times I tried I failed miserably and I don't feel like I'm having enough screen time for the 16$ it costs to send a build from Canada.. so I was thinking open course with curves etc. — Underdogs_Unleashed

Yeah, I also think the "blind reveal" is the most exciting part. That's why I'm trying to get interest in some track owners so they may create something similar

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Chaos_Canyon 8/23/23

The biggest issue I can see is in the case of a close finish, being able to correctly identify the finishing order would be very difficult if the cars are identical. Having had a lot of races on my tracks, cars that are similar are very hard to distinguish in motion, even at high frame and shutter speeds, as they are moving very fast and the numbers are very small.

My recent Mustang tournament was designed to be open to everyone, rookies and experienced builders. The cars had to remain stock weight and it had to be the exact same casting. They could polish or swap the wheels, but I insisted they had to have custom paint - primarily to make it easier for me to identify the individual cars. Even then, some of the black castings were very hard to tell apart during a race. If there was only a number, it gets very hard to read those in motion. For an example, go back to my Sierra competition. There are a couple of silver cosworths with minor differences, and I had to go over the replays multiple times to tell which one was which.

I like the blind reveal idea, as it keeps viewers guessing as to the builder. 

  • Ah, yeah, haven't thought about the host having trouble seeing the numbers himself, that's a good point — Underdogs_Unleashed
  • Good call...less of a worry with a straight drag :) — redlinederby
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dr_dodge 8/23/23

The blind reveal is cool, but, as stated above It could be SOOOO confusing,

and to not spoiler it because you would know who they were

interesting concept.   Might work easier with a rip it open thing, at least at first

you need a track...lol


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