Oldest boy finished his first custom

GTRguy83 Tuesday, 4/28/2020


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Chaos_Canyon 4/28/20

Nice work on the decals

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redlinederby 4/28/20
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That's awesome! Decals turned out great and that's the perfect casting to hype it. Have him make another one and I bet he could sell it.

  • We also have the convertible — GTRguy83
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Mattman213 4/28/20

Yeah thats fun stuff, tell him good job, keep it up!


Fabulous job there!!! Tell him to keep up the good work!!!

Great job!! Had to be Fortnite right? haha I have one of those little guys too.

  • I made a fortnite cat with him so I'll post a pic soon — GTRguy83
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