Opinions on the 2019 Rodger Dodger 2.0?

GspeedR Sunday, 10/20/2019

Mattel has released many, we shall call them "sequel castings" over the years. The Twin Mill, Silohoutte, Splittin' Image, and many others have had remake castings, some more popular than others. So, I suppose a 'sequel' to the venerable Rodger Dodger was due. But what do YOU think of it? I'm interested in everyone's opinion, good or bad....so, please post away!


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LeagueofSpeed 10/20/19

I've got one...haven't run it yet...overall appearance has some speed attributes...however, I see more resemblance to the Nitro Doorslammer. I look forward to modifying the car...has a nice platform for modification.

  • ...and I like the casting, but really don't see the Rodger Dodger...in name only — LeagueofSpeed
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Dadvball 10/20/19

I like the original better. I don't think the new version looks much like the old version. The other castings you mentioned, as well as the Deora I believe, shared some resemblance which kept them interesting enough for me to purchase. 

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WorpeX 10/20/19

Not a fan personally. I DO like the new tooling of the Rodger Dodger though. The exhaust pipes on the base looks niiice!

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redlinederby 10/20/19
Site manager

Nope. Sorry.

A sequel should have some hints of the original and there's just not enough for me here. Double engine looks fun, could probably use that on something else. Looks like a nice long body too, so might be a good donor to create something fast but zero style points IMHO.

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GspeedR 10/20/19

Thanks to everyone for thier input! Keep `em coming, please!

Here's my take: Being an 'old school' racer, I like the long wheelbase, large wheels, and I'll even give kudos for the retro paint-n-tampos...but that's about it.

The original Rodger Dodger has heritage which was obvious when it released in 1974. The shortened Dodge Challenger roofline was immediately recognizable from the 1973 Show Off and 1971 Bye Focal. Larry Wood's redesign shortened the wheelbase but added the huge metal engine sticking out of the hood. While the chassis was quickly changed to plastic(and remained so in the 2000 retool), the metal engined remained and full metal versions were released throughout the years.

This new car is a shell of it's former self, IMO. Huge, chrome plastic engines do not inspire downhill performance, even if there are 2 of them. And since when do cars not have side windows? This is at least the 3rd new casting I've seen without them. Is this some kind of new design trend? Probably not...I smell penny pinching.

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MDG_Racing 10/21/19

Odd man out as usual. But, I thoroughly enjoy the casting for numerous reason. One is I'm not hung up on the past and love it when the designers make the concerted effort to do justice to a classic with a modern twist reboot, i.e. 2.0, 3.0 whatever.

Straight out of the blister I had 2 of 4,( purple) that had nice wheel spin. Dry runs were sufficient to warrant lubing. The fastest one beat out over 30 Fastasy/HW Originals for the position of 'Fantasy Car' on the MDG team competing in the Diecast Games 2019 on Big Poppy Racing.

That being said, its time on Goodnight Trail 1/4 Mile was Faster than 2/3 of the Mustang Summer mods. Runs straight and true on track with a good wheel size package.

Now as a modified casting I have taken one to 60g and it is looking to compete in the HWDR group Winter Circuit. In the works is another that will be pushed up to 100+ grams.

You heard it here from Michael's Diecast Garage & Racing. 2 Thumbs up from "The Professor"

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DirtyDeeb 10/28/19

I have one in a blister. I honestly like the overall styling of it. It sort of resembles the classic. It's a sleeker more modern take on the original. Not bad, not a fan of most fantasy castings. This one is of the few that I can tolerate. 

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MDG_Racing 1/3/20

Just a small update on the performance of this casting. The wheels on the first two offerings are significantly different. The new 8Spk steelies are slower. Maybe because they lack a recessed area for the axle end to run in. No place for graphite to lube really. Except the face of the wheel.

Purple version was much faster than the green in stock testing. A 60g Purple version just completed the Hot Wheels Downhill Racing Winter Circuit being the dominant car in its class. 

As Red Pill says, "don't sleep on this one!" I'd have to agree.

  • I have to say the MDG RD2.0 was definitely one of the dominant cars in the 60 gram class of the HWDR modified circuit race. This is absolutely one of the top new castings for racing and with MDG putting his knowledge to work on it, it was no surprise to see it take multiple wins. — Red_Pill-Racing

I've got one in house...when I'll build it...don't know. It has preformed well to say the least.

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