Orange Monster Rally 2019

LeagueofSpeed Saturday, 5/4/2019
Event coordinator

With Mustang Summer basically here all ready, I thought I'd get this out there in the Raceverse...there will be a slight rule change this year.

***the field will be 18 teams/12  cars per team for the 216 car field***

Stock or Mod 65g any 1/64th casting 

Official Race Thread will be posted over the summer.

Peace and Speed - LoS 


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WorpeX 5/5/19

TWELVE? Wow, this is an ambitious tournament!

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LeagueofSpeed 5/5/19
Event coordinator

Already had the first race last year...216 car field.

I'm in.

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WorpeX 5/6/19

Just looked up last years event. Looked AWESOME. I'm in for this year for sure. Excited for more information.

  • I'll get it posted over the Summer...race goes down after Christmas and before New Year's day — LeagueofSpeed
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