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Stroller Wednesday, 5/1/2013

Is it possible to repaint a car without removing the old paint or would that just make a mess?


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EconoCarl 5/1/13

I find it best to paint over the 'factory' paint.
Lightly sand the car and use the original paint as your primer!
The new paint will still chip, just not as much.

I have also seen whole cars dipped in RIT dye,to change the color...not sure what that does to the wheels axles...etc.

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redlinederby 5/1/13
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I've always stripped the original paint first and then either primed or just sprayed the metal...haven't had any real problems with it. Like Carl said, it will still chip but I don't think you can do much about that really. I think either way will do the trick, especially if you're not too concerned with overall quality - I mean, if you're doing a show car or whatever then you'd probably want to strip it bare and build up.

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Dadvball 5/1/13

I usually strip the paint. A couple of coats of primer and then the my finish color. Once the paint is dry I use a small soft brush and apply a couple of coats Future floor wax. I tried sanding before but make sure you get any of the original tampos sanded off. Otherwise the outline of the tampo will show through your new paint job and you'll have to start all over again.

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EconoCarl 5/1/13

I use to strip the paint and it works great. In our series' the cars are man(and kid)handled quite a bit as well as clanking into each other at the end of the track. I have found that the cars come back looking a little better if I don't strip the factory paint first. Might be just me!

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