Photography from Dave_Garage164

Dave_Garage164 Wednesday, 2/9/2022

I hope you guys like these, they've been fun to make and I've got plenty more to share.


Here's a few more cars

  • All of it is gorgeous, but that Mercedes really got my heart thumping--- — Bongo

First shoot with the Batmobile

  • Great lighting on that one. Is that the chrome Batmobile? — redlinederby
  • Thanks. It's more of a semi-gloss matte black and the lighting was from a red/blue light wand with a pass from a flashlight to brighten the chrome bits. — Dave_Garage164

It's not the best weather for a convertible, so I guess it'll be the Jag for today's drive

Something Italian for today

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GT_Diecast 3/2/22

Wow! Love it!

The lighting and backgounds are awsome!

Very Sweet photos They are All Awesome.... Lighting on Batmobile is Fire!! 

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