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redlinederby 7/26/21
Site manager

The PO box was empty today (Monday) so if you know your car is in-transit or tracking says it has arrived and your name is not in the received list on the first page, please PM and include the tracking# if you got one. 

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redlinederby 8/1/21
Site manager

Quick update...sorry the Porsche race has taken a little longer to get running that I had planned. Things got pushed back a week with the updated deadline and things have been very life busy lately. Looking to post the entry showcase early this week and recording all week for the races. Hopefully can get the final race up next week. Sorry it's taking so will hit the track super soon.

  • Do what ya gotta do man. Can't wait to see it go green! — Mattman213
  • Thanks for the update! The race will be here before we know it. Looking forward to it. — GhostRacing
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redlinederby 8/4/21
Site manager

Entry showcase has been posted...some great builds that look fast standing still. Only issue now is the 26 cars make for odd round robin groups so 2 cars might get a lucky pass.

  • Looks like this will be a great race! Good luck to everyone! — GhostRacing
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redlinederby 8/4/21
Site manager

We have 26 entrants so we'll do a round robin into a bracket to give everyone some more track time. Unfortunately, that number means two groups will get 4 cars instead of 3. But then that leaves us with a nice 16-car bracket to see who ends being chancellor of this event.

Top 2 cars by wins will move on to the bracket. Bracket is single elimination.

Group A

  • GhostDriver
  • Voxxer Racing
  • RLo Racing

Group B

  • Dadvball
  • Rivera Racing
  • Mayfield41

Group C

  • Rubber Tow
  • Mattman213
  • Dam Diecast

Group D

  • Fractal Panda
  • Fumo Diecast
  • Secondhand Speed

Group E

  • Golden Owl
  • Live Young Diecast
  • Uncle Elvis

Group F

  • Crazy Canuck
  • Overclocked Racing
  • Cash Money Boys

Group G

  • Roadrage Racing
  • Numbskull
  • Flip's Racing
  • Cody Wilson

Group H

  • Biff Kirby
  • Coopdevil
  • Mr Darq
  • Palomino Racing

Good luck!

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redlinederby 8/12/21
Site manager

Quick status update on this's gonna take a little longer...because I goofed. I was editing together the round robin races and discovered that I accidently marked one car on my sheet with a win and it should have been a loss. Thing is, I used that sheet to race the bracket already soooo...I need to re-race (some of) the bracket. 

Hopefully just a one night of recording and then return to editing. Thankfully, I didn't get to producing any of the bracket video yet so time loss is a minimum. Nonetheless, looking like the video won't get posted this weekend like I had hoped. It happens, sorry.

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redlinederby 8/19/21
Site manager

Finally...Pick-a-Porsche tournament will premiere this Sunday 8/22 at 10PM ET. Mark your calendars!

Sorry again that it took so long to get this one produced. End of summer here was super busy and a few video goofs along the way didn't help. 

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Mayfield41 8/23/21

I was so happy with my results...of course didn't win anything again but ran close to the 4th place finisher and gave Flips Racing a hell of a race.

  • It was a very close race, If i am correct 3rd Place thru 6th place ran a very tight race. I enjoy these types of racing. — RIVERA_RACING
  • 1 - Model, Make, Weight...... Keeps the playing field open to anyone. — RIVERA_RACING
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redlinederby 9/15/21
Site manager

Porsches are starting to head back home, so heads up to everyone that sent in cars. I consolidated as much as I could with all the cars I had. So if you had entries in City Connection and/or the Pro-Am race, all your cars should come back together.

If anyone needs a tracking# shoot me a PM and I'll get it for you. My goal is to have all the cars shipped by October before the USPS increases shipping rates.

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