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Pinks For The Cure (Breast Cancer Charity Race)

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GoldenOwl 9/28/20

Hello! Brand new to Diecast racing and excited to send in one of my first custom race builds. I very excited to see how she does. It's going in the mail today, I just hope she gets there in time! ????

We got 8 more cars in the mail today.  I'm trying to message everyone to let them know when we received their cars.  If you dont' know if we got yours yet, let me know.  I'll check to see if we've got them/it. PM me, if need be.

No cars in today's mail.  It's my understanding that there are still quite a few coming, most of which were mailed at the beginning of this week (one set that's apparently being mailed tomorrow...grr).  We're going to wait a few days before we set the brackets.  We are not going to accept cars with a postmark beyond tomorrow.  That seems more than fair, since today was the actual deadline.

Other thing: A number of cars arrived without donations.  I will be in contact with those people who haven't yet contributed to see how to proceed with their cars.


Did this race go off yet? Where can it be seen? Thanks

  • The races will be run by the end of the month. We received what we think is the last package of cars yesterday, and we set up the Brackets, which will be posted later today. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • when it is up online, the races will be on the DRR YouTube channel. — GenX_VintageRacing

We received what we assume is the last package of cars yesterday.

We put together the brackets last night, and I'll post them later today.

We've got 36 Mods, and 18 Stocks.  

The Grand Opening Races will be started before we release these videos.  Though the two series will overlap a good deal.  The pink races will be released, in total, by the end of October, as that will be the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Stock Bracket:

  • Seeding was determined randomly. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • I just need to remember what we named the cars! LOL — redlinederby
  • We'll be doing a car show before the races run, so folks can see what was sent it. So, you'll be able to see all your cars and your drivers attached to them. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • redlinederby you ain't the only one. I have to start making a copy of the entry slips I turn in to events — Uncle_Elvis

Mod Bracket:

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pupulesurfer 10/11/20

Gah!!!! So excited for my first race! Good luck everyone, it should be fun!

  • We're so excited to be hosting you for your first race! Also did you see this: You should definitely enter! — Xanthippe
  • I do now! Thanks! — pupulesurfer

Here's the link to the Modifieds Car Show:

  • Well done! Looking forward to the stock vid and the racing! — pupulesurfer
  • Awesome! This will be my first race ever! Which means I'll loose in the first round! HA! :D — Chad_G
  • So many cars! So much pink! Cool to see all the entries and my kid can't wait to see hers in the stock division. — redlinederby

Here's the Stocks car show:

  • Woo!!! Getting closer and closer! Good luck everyone! — pupulesurfer
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MDG_Racing 10/30/20

Good looking group!

First of the Stocks videos is up:

Watch for more later today and tomorrow.  All of the races have been run.  The editting is taking longer than anticipated.  

  • Good first races! Some surprising performances there! — pupulesurfer

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