Piston Junction, the WMD's first track.

StarCorps Monday, 6/19/2023

Hello everyone.

I've been working on getting a post-apocalyptic/Mad Max/Gaslands themed track ready for a while, and today I got the frame of the track structure built. Now I start the support structures for the track and then the fine tuning process for the track. 

When thats done, I'll skin it and decorate it. 

I've been building scenery and cars for it for a while now, and I finally got the space squared away to let me build the track. 

It's my hope to have it built to a usable quality in the next month - and I likewise hope people will send in their finest in beat-to-hell cars to race on it. 

I look forward to this journey and I hope it brings people some fun. 

Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/wmdracing/ 

I post updates and new scenery/Cars here. 


I would LOVE a Mad Max themed race!! Especially on a MADMAX themed raceway! Sounds very intriguing!

  • Well, its coming! I've got some pictures up of the theme, or you can find me on Facebook in Wasteland Motorsports Diecast Racing League - and see the pictures and progress there. Thank you for the encouragement! — StarCorps
  • Excellent, will check it out, and keep an eye out for your first race. If I find time I will start on a Mad Max type car... :D — G_ForceRacing
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Kingjester 6/19/23

I can't wait to see the end result and when you end up hosting a race you bet I'll have a car ready,mad max jester style 

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Numbskull 6/19/23

Sounds awesome.

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Bigmog 4/12/24

Was like to send a car in to race 

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StarCorps 4/17/24

Sorry for the delay, my man. I have been swamped. I sent you the address. 

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