Plastic or metal based?

MikeDoolzinski Tuesday, 7/21/2020

Do you have a preference when modding between plastic based cars or metal based cars? Or do you just use what's on hand at the time? Is maximum weight a determining factor of which you use?


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LeagueofSpeed 7/21/20
Event coordinator

I prefer Metal/Metal myself

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redlinederby 7/21/20
Site manager

Personally, I think the metal chassis is the most critical part. I try to make metal/metal cars, or at least start there, but even if the body is plastic, the chassis needs to be metal.

I mean, having a metal chassis will help "make weight" but that's less of an issue because you can add weight where you want afterwards.

Although I think a plastic/plastic stipulation on a future race would be most interesting to see.

  • Here! Here! I second that thought. I'm down for a plastic/plastic car tournament. — MikeDoolzinski
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MDG_Racing 7/21/20

Depends on the build. For lighter weight builds like the 20g max for Rust Belt. Plastic mainline base combined with a Color Shifter body worked good.

With a metal chassis you have a solid platform to build on. But castings that don't have available swaps like an XJ220, you just use the plastic base.

There are instances also where the castings have undergone changes and a newer body you have plans to put on a metal base doesn't always line up.

Good topic though. Always part of the Riddle of Speed.

  • That's it exactly. I'm cramming as much info on modding as I can in hopes of becoming a legit racer. They once said that I have an analytical mind. My brain hasn't been running like that for a long time. Thanks to learning chess and now hot wheel mods, my brain is back! — MikeDoolzinski
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72_Chevy_C10 7/21/20
Event coordinator

It depends what you are doing...for straight line, drag racing, I don't think it matters whether the chassis is plastic or metal (I've had lots of really fast plastic chassis cars). If, however, you are building for open/fat track racing, then you might want a metal chassis...the metal chassis car will have more weight lower and have a lower center of gravity, making it more stable. But, in the end, wheels and axles are way more important than the type of chassis :)

Just my 2 cents :)

  • For now I'm sticking to straight line racing. I am doing the Dixie GP but I figure it'd less complicated to conquer one style at a time. — MikeDoolzinski
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Mattman213 7/22/20

Stock metal/metal.  Mods...plastic body metal base followed by metal body plastic base.  In honesty I really enjoy enjoy doing metal bodies because I can paint them and have fun with them and metal bases are less likely to warp when screwing them back together.  I have fun with em all.


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