Player stats, understanding the charts

redlinederby Tuesday, 7/9/2013
Site manager

I got a few questions about the Player Stats page and what it all means.

The page we're talking below is a more detailed look at the season standings:

The table shows a few current season and a few career stats. Over time you'll see some stats get highlighted in yellow and red. Those highlighted in yellow are stats with a significant positive change - they've increased. Stats highlighted in red denote a significant loss, or a negative change. What "significant" means depends on the column you're looking at.

For the Change column, any stat up/down more than 10 will get highlighted.
For the PPT (Points Per Tournament) column, any stat greater than 100 will get highlighted.

You can obviously use these stats to see how you're doing but they're probably a bigger help to Team captains that are always looking to improve performance by swapping out players on their roster. Over time I hope to improve the page by adding more valuable stats and information...but all in good time.

As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

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