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Policeman Ball

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KandORacing 3/22/24

K&O in

In please, Dale ... 

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41-14 3/23/24

  • Hey Dale is this acceptable for the police race. — 41-14
  • Only if it fits the track — DXPRacing
  • I’ll make it fit on two lanes. It’s the same size as the bone shaker — 41-14
  • I think it’s 1/32 scale — 41-14
  • lol. I bought the bone shaker for my collection. Seen the cop car and went. Hmmm. Lol — 41-14
  • Good try, Lol!! — DXPRacing
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41-14 3/23/24

I would like in please 

Count me in please!  Amazingly, this is based on a genuine German police traffic control car from 1978.

count me in! 

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Fat_Dad 3/25/24

In if you have room. 

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BD_Racing 3/26/24

I'd like in please

Went out in the mail today.

KaptainK Racing in please.

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MQHracing 3/27/24

A little late to the party but would love to get in on this one

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