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Policeman Ball

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DXPRacing 3/27/24

Once again no limit of racers, just on how many per household.  

Variat would like in please.

Would an extra $20 cover the cost of return shipping to Canada?


One from One31!

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RC_Attucks 4/1/24

Can I get a spot?

Hardcore Poetic Racing would like to send a car! :)

Rule Question:

"No stretching, no sanding the chassis, no opening up the wheel wells"

Hey Dale, I just wish to confirm my reading of this rule, with regard to "No sanding the chassis"

I take that to read that the chassis is to remain intact, stock. Which would include not sanding the 4 chassis "knobs" that are next to the 4 wheels.

Is my interpretation correct?


Marc D

  • No you can sand the base just not the body. You can take those knobs off it you like. — DXPRacing
  • Thanks Dale. Ha still attempting to get something up to speed. I don't want to......Cop out! Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D

Sounds like fun! I'd like to enter one! 

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dsc164 4/14/24

I might have to look for a police car

  • C’mon, you can get a spot — DXPRacing
  • put me down for one — dsc164
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Old_Sarge 4/20/24

Is there a limit on entries? If not I would like to race..

  • One entry per household, your in — DXPRacing
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NRRacing 4/22/24

I might give it a shot, I have proper canditate. Probably sucks speedwise but at least it looks cool lol

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Sneaky_Bob 4/24/24

Sneaky Bob will give it a try if you still have room.

My car is in the mail, first stop Elevation Racing. Thought I was doing well getting done before our holidays tomorrow.

Ugh, I made a mistake, thought the weight limit was 60gms.

Rolls eyes, Ouch. Oh well.


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