Pony Wars 2 - Camaro vs Mustang...

72_Chevy_C10 Tuesday, 2/2/2016
Event coordinator

Hey Guys,

Here is a link to last year's Pony Wars race...


I'd like to put together another race like this one. We've all got Mustangs and Camaros laying around...and these cars would be perfect for open track racing as well.

This thread is just to see if there is interest in this race. I'd be shooting for April.

Let me know if you are in...or if you'd like to host. The rules would be the same as last year...and the hosts could run the cars on an open track if they have one available.

Plus, I always like stirring up the whole Ford vs Chevy thing...I mean, a Ford actually managed to win (barely) last year!

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