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Pop Culture Carvana - Results Posted

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Numbskull 10/21/21

I would love a spot please.  I'll figure out a car soon.

Thanks, Numbskull.

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MrDarq 10/21/21

I would like in please. 
Mr. Darq | Dubious-Diecast | Darq-Arts

1970 Nova from Death Proof

  • Nice! — Scoupe
  • Sorry John, but LYDC chose that ride shortly after he posted but I was already asleep. So he actually requested it first. Can you pick a different ride please? — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Yep, MAD MAX baby — MrDarq
  • GT — MrDarq
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Sneaky_Bob 10/21/21

Vapor Racing would like a spot please.

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Sam_Haul 10/21/21

Oh, man, I'm so down for this!  Sign me up, gonna go hunt down a car right now.

Edit:  think I'm going to go with Cruella DeVille's car (modified Duesenberg?).  Was also thinking... I have a Crazy Jimmy Fiero... is 3DBotmaker pop culture enough? Lol Let me know, but put me down for Cruella's for now.

  • Was thinking the same for Crazy Jimmy ;) — Underdogs_Unleashed
  • I have put you down for Cruella. Crazy Jimmy is not from tv, movies, comic, novel, or manga. — Kaiju_Colorado
  • So Disney Villains wiki says Cruella drives a custom built Rolls Royce, was just guessing at the Duesy. Live action car is apparently a Panther De Ville, but model I've got is the Disney version. — Sam_Haul
  • Rolls Royce it is! — Kaiju_Colorado
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Big_Mac 10/21/21

Big Mac checking in and would like a spot please.

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Too_kay 10/21/21

Count 2k Racing in please.

  • Back for more, eh? lol — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Got you down, but need your pick. — Kaiju_Colorado
  • How about a yellow 1969 Dodge Charger -Driver: Crazy Larry — Too_kay
  • But what is the pop culture counterpart? — Kaiju_Colorado
  • NVM, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry lol — Kaiju_Colorado
  • That's it.. Just hope there are no trains running on race day! — Too_kay

Dubya D-Fowty (DD40)

Code 3 Motorsports 

Vehicle: Lykan Hypersport from FF 7

  • It would have to be a replica. A DIY that is a different body than the movies is a DQ. And to my knowledge, there is no 1/64 scale Disney Pixar cars. They're all 1/55 scale which don't even fit on orange flat track. So please pick a different ride. — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Got you down for the Lykan! — Kaiju_Colorado

Cheers !

Glad to be a part of the action & looking forward to it!

Good luck all!

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Driepe51 10/21/21

Count me in. Car still undecided at the moment but it'll be a good one! 

  • Got you down, but need your pick. — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Herbie the love bug but #51 instead of 53 if that doesn’t dq me? — Driepe51
  • Changed my mind. I’ll be using Jessie’s Jetta from the original Fast and Furious — Driepe51
  • Yeah buddy! — Kaiju_Colorado
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WallyChamp73 10/21/21

Hi,  NJ DRIVE RACING would like to participate!

Driver: Kig Nition

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Scoupe 10/21/21

I think I may join in this one!


Poverty Hollow ADCR 

The Daytona from Fast 6 (or if I can pull it off, the Joe Dirt scraptona)

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Triple_B 10/21/21

Triple B would love to enter this. I'm thinking of doing the smokey and the bandit trans am.?????????????

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