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Poppa Speed Invitational - Funny Cars(now Aug 15th)

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Did you go green with the Funnies on 8/17?

Thanks LOS..I know you have a lot of cars on premises and races to organize and run.

  • I don’t think it happened — BlueLineRacing
  • We'd have heard something by now. I'm taking as the double header has been delayed too. — EightOCRacing

Good evening David, what's the word on funny car race? 

Ladt week you said you'd be running them on the weekend. 

Thanks man,


  • His last message was on the 28th and he mentioned early this week for running the races. — BlueLineRacing
  • Thanks Blueline. It will be good to see the gates drop on this one. It was originally set in July. Good things come to those who wait..or I think that's how it goes. — Your_Nightmare

We finally got something's settled down and have some free time ahead...we've got to get things setup and dialed in Track wise and then finish with Staging the Funny Cars...and trust me...we're ready to do some racing here at the LoS Racing Grounds...Thanks to All for your Paitence.

...Peace and Speed

  • Thank you! — RIVERA_RACING
  • Take your time we all have lives, and alot of time lives get in the way of racing/ modding lol.... I know my work will be taking off next weekend and probably won't let up till first week of November..... — RAGTAG_JIM

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