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Poppa Speed Invitational

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Mattman213 7/19/20

OK Im finally (almost) ready for Poppa Speed!  I had alot of fun with this one and didnt think I was going to actually be able to get into all the categories but with the race being pushed back it gave me the incentive to jump in and make it happen.  Each category has a car from me and one from L&M.  Cant wait to see the action!

Only car missing is the Blue Gasser and my lineup will be ready to race. 


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41-14 7/20/20

  • Building at the lake. Nice way to enjoy the hobby, the outdoors and a cold one. — 41-14

I sent all my cars in, 2 for each race..... Should be arriving by this Thursday!

This Was fun Building these Cars! I am not sure about making them faster, but I know they look much cooler then stock! So, it's a Win Win situation! 

One of My First Gassers Built. Small Block 383 Stroker, pushing out a mild 512hp to the rear wheels. Not Bad for a Daily driver. 

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