Poppa Speed-Top Fuel Invitational Premise

LeagueofSpeed Sunday, 7/14/2019
Event coordinator

This Event is in honor of my Dad who passed away from his Battle with cancer...this Event is by design and merrit....Huge...we're pretty set on the Rules and Specs...but more on that later with the official thread....but put it this way....MDG is considering a trip from TX to NC to help run the race...

5 Divisions-must have two cars per Division...TE Rule

May Race in One(1) Division or All...or 2 or 3 racer's choice

32 Team/64 Car Cap Per Division.....320 Cars would be a full field

The Divisions

HW Dragster Castings-Modified as is...must be Modifed 35g(37g max)

Custom Open Rail Dragster-Front Engine or Rear Engine required...Fats in the Rear and Skinny's in the Front required 45g(47g max)...this is a Ground Up Build...Have Fun with it...

Funny Cars-Stock Opening Body Funny Cars...Dry Lubes Allowed

Pro-Stock- Must be Modified 57g(59g max)

Gasser-Must be Modified 60g(62g max)

I would also like to know if an entrant has lost a Loved One from cancer upon entering the tournament...Required.

....Hoping for a Full Field

..official race.thread will be posted when we have a concrete race date


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MDG_Racing 7/14/19

Going to be EPIC! Drag racing our toy cars in honor of loved ones who have crossed the finish line and taken the checkered flag. Fighting the C is hard on all sufferers and survivors. Racing to remember them will be something special. 

You can count on your Cincinnati connection showing up for this one! Great idea for a race, feel your pain brother for your loss, life goes on but will never be the same. 

  • Thanks my Brother...glad to have you and the Boys aboard — LeagueofSpeed
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Dadvball 7/15/19

Count me in. I lost a nephew 2 years ago.  I'm sorry for your loss. 

Are the HW dragster castings the small ones only or will that include the larger McDonald's cars?

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LeagueofSpeed 7/15/19
Event coordinator

I believe the McDonald's and these are the same size???

  • McD's are definitely bigger. I see if I can post a pic later. I'm good to go with what's shown. I just have a couple of the others that need painting and such and though why not ask. Much longer wheelbase though so it could be a disadvantage for the smaller casting. — Dadvball

I’m in. Have lost a handful of friends and family to cancer and I myself am currently in remission (fingers crossed). 

  • Thanks for sharing and getting involved...prayers your way — LeagueofSpeed

You know we would all be in but building 30 cars for the 3 of us is out of our range with school and we are already building 3 for the dixie grand prix. I don't want you guys to worry about building us cars because u have a lot to do so we won't join. Also we feel your pain EP, DB, I lost our grandpa to lung cancer. That our dad's dad.

  • You don't have to enter every Division and the Funny Cars are Stock...we'll work it out — LeagueofSpeed
  • Thanks for sharing your story — LeagueofSpeed

I have 1 funny car but it doesn't open. I have 1 top fuel that doesn't roll to save my life. I have 1 pro stock. I have 1 gasser. So I would have to either buy 2 funny cars or buy 1 of another car to mod both. Again I would love to join but it might not happen. I love racing with you we have a blast. Also be looking in the mail the next couple of weeks.

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NDeavers80 7/17/19

I'm in. Lost a friend from high school loose her life almost now 2 years ago after fight cancer off and on for I think 10 years. Her nickname in high school was allicat and I swear she did have 9 lives. 

On that note I need help getting castings...

  • Just let me know...we've got time and I'll help out with getting the castings you'll need — LeagueofSpeed
  • I need a dragster for sure I have a promod truck and funny car — NDeavers80
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NDeavers80 7/21/19

Found a couple today

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LeagueofSpeed 9/10/19
Event coordinator

This race will go down in 2020...the one stipulation for the Dragster Division is the castings must be the "standard" Hot Wheels Dragster casting...no McDonalds type...the reason being we want the specs to be the same...body wise and wheel size wise....so  Dragsters must be this type. We will also be tweaking the weight class for some divisions...just plan and prep for this one, as it will be one of the biggest racing events of 2020.

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redlinederby 9/10/19
Site manager

I should be good for getting a car into at least one division. Have too many family and friends that had cancer to mention. My dad beat it but lost a friend few years ago, she was only 36. 

I saw one of the dragsters in my fun bin but not sure if it’s a McD or not. I’ll be good for a straight modified car and that dragster if it’s valid. 

  • Good to know you'll be joining in the Invitational — LeagueofSpeed
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LeagueofSpeed 1/8/20
Event coordinator

The Poppa Speed Invitational will be held in July since that's the month my Pop's passed...this will be a huge event...but one we're looking forward to hosting...5 Divisions and you don't have to enter them all...just one(1) is fine...all Divisions are 2 cars per team and capped at 32 teams/64 cars... we're gonna check the calender and have the official thread up in 2 weeks or less.

Peace and Speed- The Legion of Speed 

  • Sounds like a great way to celebrate your Father's life and those we have all lost along the way. — Mattman213
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