Porsche 917 LH, what Hot Wheels should look like

Rusty Wednesday, 3/7/2018

Being a fan of the original sweet 16 cars that Mattel put out in the late 60's I am blown away by this new casting..Looks like vintage Steve McQueen ..On package;1971 24 Hours of Le Mans boasts advanced aerodynamics including a long-tail design and covered rear wheels...Could be a fun one to mod too...Now this is a Hot Wheels like they should be..

Shame one of my Gulf emblems is messed up,but hey it is going to be raced any way...





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3DBotMaker 3/7/18

Very nice car. I need to find one of those.

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redlinederby 3/8/18
Site manager

Nice score...saw this one listed somewhere. Glad it's a mainline rather than a premium. I guess that does't mean it'll be any easier to find but at least when I do, I won't have to shell out.

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Rusty 3/8/18

They seem to be just arriving at the Wally worlds.Found two on the front of the pegs Yesterday.Yep they were staring at me...

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Mopar_Mafia 3/8/18

I like your style Rusty

  • Thanks,thought you might like that Gulf station;>) — Rusty
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LeagueofSpeed 3/9/18
Event coordinator

In the Quest for Speed...I always worry about any casting where the wheels are tucked inside the wheel well...usually not indicative to top line speed. Still a beauy of a casting though that aside.

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