Possible event...Scale US Nationals...Labor Day Weekend

72_Chevy_C10 Thursday, 5/30/2019
Event coordinator

Hey Guys,

I'm just testing the water a little bit with this post, but I am planning on having my track moved within the next couple weeks, but I'm planning on also adding an 'open track' section off the end for some future racing (and, that might take me a little while to sort out).

So, the plan is this...the US Nationals in Indiana are the biggest drag race of the year  and they take place every Labor day. So, I thought it might be fun to have a scale version over Labor Day weekend. I'd like to keep the classes more on the 'vintage side' of things...one hot rod class (pre 1940 cars, 57 grams)...one stock eliminater class (using cars from the 1950's, 57 grams) and maybe, an 'early funny car' class (using some of the HW early funny cars...Boss Host Mustang, Hemi Hauler, etc, 100 grams).

I'll nail down the details in the official thread...I'm just looking for some feedback here. So, let me know what you think.




4 wide racing?  I think they do that at the Nationals.... I'm in

40's, 50's and Funnycars... This is a good mix

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NDeavers80 6/1/19

I'm in

I'm  game

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72_Chevy_C10 6/2/19
Event coordinator

Cool...glad to be getting some interest.

I think, for the Funny Cars, (to keep them more 'vintage') they will have to originally been blackwall or older...and you will have to retain the original chassis (but, it doesn't have to open)

I'll nail down the rules and the date sometime this week so you can get building

My type of cars. Count me in.

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