Power-ups and other game ideas for a new Fantasy League

redlinederby Monday, 9/22/2014
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I've been revisiting notes I took for the Fantasy League rebuild and wanted to share some of them to see if they still have legs and get some input.

Quick background - The Fantasy League was/is an online game where you pick the winning cars in 16-car tournament brackets. You get points for correct picks and the person with the most points at the end of a season wins. Ultimately, pick points will determine who the big winner is but playing also earns you "credits" which can be used to get in-game extras and real world prizes.

So one of the things I was hoping to do was put more "game" into the Fantasy League beyond just picking winners. I don't want new features to increase anyone's chances of winning the season championship. That should remain dependent on your ability to pick/enter winning cars. However, I think new features will be a good way to earn extra credits and make the overall experience a little more interesting.

Bottomline, the core of the Fantasy League will still be entering cars and making picks. That won't change as that is accessible to anyone and everyone. New features like those below would be only for those that choose to have fun with it. 


Power-ups would be used to improve your credit gains on any given tournament, but there would still be some chance to how/when you use them and how big the reward is. Power-ups would be played when you make your picks each week. Some examples of possible power-ups would be:

  • Credit multiplier - Play this power-up and the credits you earned would get multiplied, probably doubled or something
  • Drafting - Play this card and you'll get the same number of credits added to your payout as that of another player

Those are just two examples...I have some more jotted down and I'm sure y'all can come up with some good ones too. 

Collecting cars

In addition to a player's garage of cars (for entering into a tournament), each player would have a "Collector Shelf" where they would collect cars that exist within the game - like playing cards. Then, if you have the winning car in your collection you get extra credits. Players would earn collector cars just by entering cars, making picks and other things...it would be happening all the time.

The longtail on this idea is pretty good, I think. There could be a sell/trade section where players could swap cars. There could be a way that lets players cash in sets of cars, like 3 of the same car. 

Again...these are just some ideas that I had in my notebook from last year. There's more in the list and I'll post about those once I decipher my scribblings and ideas.

What do you think?

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