Project Looker: Case File 1 - 1/4 Mile Coupe

LeagueofSpeed Tuesday, 2/4/2020

Some cars look design...but sleds when it  comes to gravity drop racing. So, this is Project Looker and we're going to try and change the performance of some known duds...the 1/4 Mile Coupe is one of those duds...due to some similarities to the Way 2 will be Case File 1.


The side pipes...while visually the track wall and scrub speed off the run...we will be cutting them off so they are still inside the wheel base(as they are originally) but inside the track stance(getting rid of the scrub).

Going with bigger wheels for the front and decided to keep the fats in the rear instead of going with a thinner same size wheel.

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redlinederby 2/4/20
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Nice work, should be a great way to learn what to look out for when building.

I'm still not trained enough to spy things like those pipes, which is why I always lean on the same models over and over and just hope for the best. To me, having/making a car that looks great but still wins is the essence of what we do. Anyone can go all science and make a brick that wins but man, just no style there...looking forward to more.

  • Thanks...something I was gonna try...figured it be a good thread — LeagueofSpeed

Also, if you're so inclined, feel free to mention a known Dud or a personal Dud from your experiences. A car that looks good...clean lines...but never seems to deliver and I'll put it in the Case Files.

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redlinederby 2/4/20
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Thought...yes, the side pipes scrape the walls and kill some speed, but isn't it better that the pipes scrape the walls rather than the wheels? Wouldn't clanging the wheels do more damage?

  • track wall doesn't go straight always best if anything hits...let it be the wheels — LeagueofSpeed
  • Ah I see...makes sense. And this is why I lose :) — redlinederby

Track wall and wheel 

you gotta do kool kombi

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madmax 2/6/20

LIke the solutions. Of course the solution is to a problem of track design traditional to diecast racing.  A wider track, a fat track and the pipe issue becomes a lessor issue.I have created a few mixed track setups that have single lane going to fat track just to see if some cars pickup speed when free from the edges.  And sure enough , a car that performs like a dog , gets some breathing room and puts on a show as it stretches its legs without scrubbing off the speed.  Different courses for different horses.  If the rules don't allow mods, then look for a track or build a track layout that is more suitable to the car.  It is possible, same theorys applied differently.

  • That goes without saying...the narrow track stance on the 1/4 Mile Coupe would not be advantageous for Fat Track Fat Track Builds are completely different animal than this Build — LeagueofSpeed
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Chaos_Canyon 5/26/20

How is this project going?

  • Oh, good story, I started to look and see what issues it would have. I picked the pipes, also the nose of the car, which looks like it would scrape in transitions. But bigger wheels on the front (as mentioned) would probably correct that, or lowering the axle, or attacking the bottom of the nose. Got me thinking. Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D

Project got stalled...but it's coming 

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