PSA: Don't forget entry forms with your cars

redlinederby Friday, 4/2/2021
Site manager

Just a friendly PSA to please don't forget to include an entry form when sending in cars for a mail-in tournament. 

Download the entry form PDF here

I've received several cars for upcoming events that did not include an entry ticket. This makes it very difficult to stay organized for a race. It can be hard to tell who's car it is, what race it's for, and where to return it.

All hosts want to make sure everyone has a great experience watching their cars race and those entry tickets just make it easier for everyone. With so much racing going on, I've been getting cars for events that are still months away, so there can be a lot of cars on-site at any given time. You want your cars to race. I want your cars to race. And more so, I want you to get your cars back!

Even if you jot down your name, car specs, and address on an index card or sheet of paper, that's something. It doesn't have to be the RLD entry's provided as a convenience. If you have a form from another club, that's cool too. Doesn't really matter, but it's always better have something than nothing.


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DXPRacing 4/2/21

I agree with you.  Very difficult to keep track of everything for different races.  Not just you as host but any host.  Thank you to all who host tournaments for our enjoyment on this site and others.  Thank you!  

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SpyDude 4/2/21

New rule:

Any car that does not have an entry ticket automatically goes up for audience vote. Said car gets a ridiculously-named driver (like TheloniousBatmanOrama), gets to have a paper cone dunce hat glued to the top of the car, and gets to run the races in reverse. The person's real name will be revealed AFTER the racing (if anyone actually fesses up to it... :p)

If absolutely nothing else, it will be entertaining .......

  • I'm a fan of public shaming ;P — redlinederby
  • But then again, you also know some people would do it JUST for the laughs ... — SpyDude

I second this. It helps greatly. When you receive 32 boxes of cars it can get confusing quickly.

So much truth here! 
Even when I enter everything directly into my spreadsheet, it's still difficult keeping everything figured out and organized. 

When people reach out to me for the address in a message I remind them to include with the cars and entry form and return shipping.  It's been fairly sucsessful so far.

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redlinederby 4/9/21
Site manager

Real world example below...I have bunch of tiny bins that I use for every event. Each car goes into a bin along with their entry ticket. Without a form it just makes it more complicated and effort on everyone's part.

  • Wow, I need to become as organized as you are — BlueLineRacing
  • BTW, you can get a 3-pack of these bins at the Dollar Tree. Worth it. — redlinederby
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