Question on the 3D two lane finish line

Dadvball Thursday, 12/10/2015

I'm building a track for someone who will be buying the 3DBot 2 lane finish line. Can someone who has one please tell me how wide it is?  Not the length from side to side. I need to know front to rear. And also how tall is the base? 

I'm using 1x4. Velcro will be used to secure the track to the wood. I'll have the track complete before the finish line is ordered so I want to just be able to add the finish line when it comes in and not have to worry about an even transition as there will be at least 16"-18" of track with a catch box after the finish line. 

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks !


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72_Chevy_C10 12/10/15
Event coordinator

I have the 4-lane version, Bill...and I'm very happy with it! I don't have any dimensions for you, but the lanes are tight together on mine, and I think they are the same on the two-lane version. So, you'll probably want your lanes to come together, side-by-side, at the finish.

I hope that helps! :)

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redlinederby 12/10/15
Site manager

I too have the 4-lane but I can post some dimensions for you. I imagine the 2-lane variety is the same depth and height, just not as wide due to the lanes. 

Like Chris said, the track lanes are butt-up against each other so it's a very tight fit. My whole 4-lane setup fits nicely on a 10-inch platform, with maybe 1" on each side.

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Dadvball 12/11/15

Thanks guys. I'm trying to figure where it's going to go. I only have so many feet to work with for the length and it's getting a catch box. I'll have a thin divider in the middle of the box but I'll have to spread the tracks a little starting just past the finish line.  Have to keep these babies from banging each other. 

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redlinederby 12/13/15
Site manager

Estimated dimensions for a 2-lane based on my 4-lane track.

  • Height: 3.75"
  • Depth: 1.75"
  • Width: 5"

It looks like the structure of the finish line is the same as the 4-lane so those numbers should be pretty close to the real thing - certainly close enough for estimating your space and build stuff.

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