Quick track, simple shop setup

EnZedRacing Saturday, 12/30/2023

Happy New Year everyone from down here in NZ. Just a quick share: got a few nephews between 5 - 16 years of age who are Hot Wheels mad, they love racing but their own places have no room. Or their mum is a tidy freak (my sister so its ok to give her heaps)

So with two scaffold planks, 3 wood horses and a large garage, I set up a 5.80m drag track using a heap of short orange and yellow track along with parts of Hot Car Tracks 4 lane track.

(5.80m = 19ft.  Start height 120cm /48", end of track 65cm/25"....this keeps the speeds a little slower than most tracks so that the kids can keep up with the cars) 

Takes about 30 minutes to set up, kids and adults raid the containers of open cars and rain or shine,  it's a heap of fun for hours.

Finally, when the Red Bull and chocolates are depleted, and they are off back to their own homes, it takes about 15 mins to pull apart. Nice and easy. 

Anyone else out there have temporary tracks at all? 


great idea, great fun! congrats!

Good on you EnZed !

Some nice mbx there too!

Nothing better than to see them off after a hard days racing and tantrums!

Have a great New Year Mate!

  • They all went "Eewwww antiques" Then no one could beat any of them :) Not fast enough for this community but they kick butt at home! Kept them all amused for hours looking for that perfect car. Can't wait to see how you go in 2024 Marc! — EnZedRacing
  • Yep, up for having "another crack" at keeping up with the worlds best ! Thanks! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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JBlotner42 12/31/23

That's super cool. Way to be the cool uncle! Happy New year!

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redlinederby 1/1/24
Site manager

Awesome to see some good ol' fashioned family racing! Also a good reminder that it doesn't take much to put up a track and have some fun. Quick & easy is the way to go!

  • It gives the parents a chance to have a chat and a cuppa inside without being disturbed by the kids and the husbands :) — EnZedRacing
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Phil_NWA1 5/18/24

I am just an old guy from the UK who has rediscovered the simple pleasures of some orange track and a desire to see which is the fastest car. I have to set up and take down each time but it's worth it. Good to hear how your family joins in and that's a good sized track you have, I like to run a slow track too so I can actually see the cars race.

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