Race formats for more than 2 lanes

redlinederby Friday, 9/11/2020
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My rebuilt drag strip will have 4 lanes of goodness and while that lets me race more than 2 cars at a time to see which is the fastest...what other types of formats/styles can be run with more than 2 lanes?

I might have a few ideas but what have you tried or seen and it work well? I feel like the extra lanes should open up some new racing opportunities. I admit, I worked to get 4 matching lanes simply because I wanted it without much of a plan otherwise...but I'd be bummed if the extra lanes don't allow for some more creative racing.

Lets brainstorm...share your ideas and experiences.


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Chaos_Canyon 9/11/20

Here's a couple that come to mind

1) Teams race, where it's 2x2 and both your team cars have to finish before the other two

2) 8 car drag, where they are double stacked in the start gate, and same as above both cars have to cross the finish line before the others

3) 4 cars rotate through each lane and the fastest time for each car (regardless of lane) is what is judged the winner

  • Teams is a good idea...can do a lot with that option. Hmmmm... — redlinederby
  • I like the teams running at the same idea because it means you can't just have one fast car, you have to have a couple that are consistent — Chaos_Canyon
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Kevblokey 9/12/20

My KOTH tournaments feature 64 cars, racing  four at a time, one & done races until you reach the final four, these are then raced two at a time on a best of three format until you have your overall winner.

Four lane is a good number to have and opens up a wide possibility of race formats without a doubt.

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DDRacer 12/11/20

On our 4 lane blu track we usually go with lane rotation. One run through each lane, and then use the average of the best 3 times (and ignore the worst run). Sometimes a car just randomly screws up a run (mostly due to track bouncing), and 3 times out of 4 eliminates pretty much all of the screw-ups and gives a really really clean result. 

For the record: I use (free and open) software for calculating the average times, so you don't waste any time on "administration" and can fully enjoy the racing :)

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Peter_Bee 12/11/20

When I started, I ran 4cars for 4 races. Points were awarded based on finishing position. I did 16 car tournaments. Here is my first tournament video:


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