Race in a box: the service center track

Zapfo2000 Sunday, 10/4/2020

When looking around I saw a picture of the old 1979 Hot Wheels Service Center. And I remembered, that I loved to play with a very similar playset when I was a kid...
Unfortunetly I do not have enoughspace to build a permanent racetrack...but wait...the service center was foldable and a touch of genius in creating long lasting fun...so lets race it.

In the following days I thought about the way to build it, measurements, weights, materials:
- it will be build out of plywood (have enough leftovers)
- it should be foldable like the original
- it should be easy to transport (if needed with a parcel service)
- to fit the regulations for cheap transport it should measure max 120 x 60 x 60cm, <5kg
- there should be place to store some cars and race 2-4cars at a time
-if possible: it would be nice to combine two "race in a box"-tracks to have a longer racetrack

First (very professional) drawings showed a box. Therefore this kind of track is now named "race in a box"

Today I tried a model with some hot wheels-parts and it might work:

As I am pretty busy there will only be little progress, and if the Idea does not work it will be a nice fire later, but the next step is to build the plywood-box.
It would be funny to have a world tour, sending the track with a parcel service or some other stupid stuff next year...


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Rusty 10/4/20

I like that Idea!!!

Way to think outside,urr,I mean inside the box!

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redlinederby 10/4/20
Site manager

Now that's a damn good idea...bonus for taking inspiration from the service center - I always wanted that toy but never had it.

And now you got me thinking how you could product-ize it too. Like having swappable building and stuff...all blank that you could paint yourself (or have it painted for a nominal fee). You could pick the city theme, or country theme, or fantasy...whatever you wanted and it would just be different buildings the cars would race through.

Just don't forget your second lane! :) Can't have a race without two lanes. Lots of potential with this one, me thinks. Excited to follow your prototyping and build. Bravo!

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Zapfo2000 10/5/20

Today I was able to make some progress, but: I failed!
I failed in building a really small and lightweight box:-)). "Unfortunatly" now there is enough space for twice as much racetrack as I planned, the box will be 84xm x 55cm x 55cm in the End, still easy to store. 
First half of the box:

 With some support for the track:

Now the white glue has to dry...keep you up to date...

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KPS_Kustomz 10/11/20

Looks like an awesome idea...I day roll with it brother! 

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Zapfo2000 10/14/20

Today I was able to spend some time on the track. Or better: on the box.

There is pretty much space for some more tracks. I needed some attempts to place the hinges the right way, but now it works fine.

And it really folds, you only need to store one box...

Next step is adding the sides and starting with the second part of the tracks.

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Zapfo2000 10/16/20

Only a small update:

This might create a little jump in the middle and it will be possible to add track at the begin and at the end of the track...

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Zapfo2000 Yesterday

First test to build the gas station for the service center. Everything printed on paper and later glued to some pieces of foamboard.

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