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Two_Six_Zero Thursday, 1/3/2019

Hey all, thanks for allowing me to join your group. In the process of building a scale 1/4 mile track in Northwest OH using 25' of blutrack. Just wondering if anyone does in person races or is it mostly mail in competition? 


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41-14 1/3/19

Mostly mail ins. Some clubs have monthly racing if your lucky enough to be in that area. But there’s lots of racing here. 

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redlinederby 1/3/19
Site manager

Hey 260...welcome to Redline Derby, glad to hear you're racing. I'm in Ohio too, down in Columbus. I don't know of any racing clubs around me, at least. 

We are mostly mail-in proxy racing but I know some members have had in-person events in their community, usually for charity or something. The Redline Derby crew is always willing to send in cars to race and support those that are doing so locally. 

But if you do discover any racing near you, shout it out...they're few and far between.

  • My job just had me in marion this week and Columbus a couple weeks ago. I wish i had more time in some of these areas to meet up with racing friends. — NDeavers80
  • Thank you and will do! — Two_Six_Zero
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NDeavers80 1/4/19

Where at I'm in southeast Michigan?

  • When finnished the track will be north of Van Wert OH. Do have a couple locals interested in racing. Will let you know when it's ready. Would love to have you. — Two_Six_Zero
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Jav74 1/4/19

I’m in White Lake. I don’t know anybody personally who even collects cars.

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