Rally 2020 at Chaos Canyon

Chaos_Canyon Sunday, 11/29/2020

We've just posted the first stage of the Chaos Canyon Rally 2020. The series is over three stages, each one a different track. The first stage is in the Rocky Road (straight off-road track), stage 2 is the Chaos Canyon road track, and the final epic stage is out brand new double helix crossover track. 

Stage 2 is out now but here's the playlist for all the races - so you can watch them all in order



Great track idea. At first I thought that a straight track was gonna be boring but boy oh boy was that insane. Some of these guys could win gymnastics meets. Two flips without the roof touching the ground....WOW. I'm pulling for Herman the German to come back and win it all. Great racing all round. 

  • Thanks. Yeah a short and straight track like that could have been a bit boring but you know we don’t do normal at the canyon ;) Canyon road course next week then the brand new helix track - this thing is awesome (if we do say so ourselves) haven’t seen anything like it on any other channel yet. Should be an amazing finale — Chaos_Canyon
  • Looking forward to it — RoadRunnerRacewayFan
  • That rocky road track looks vicious as hell. There's going to be some tough competition on that. — SpyDude
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Chaos_Canyon 12/7/20

Stage 2 just launched this week and it's epic!


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Chaos_Canyon 12/13/20

And Stage 3: Forest Helix track is finally out. Designed to be tough and one of the most unique rally tracks in diecast racing


  • Totally digging that helix track. The crossover curve is pretty cool, and the water trap - wow! — SpyDude
  • Thanks SpyDude. I thought the water would be a fun way to finish the series and I had that helix track in mind from the day I rebuilt the canyon but it just took 6 months to get around to doing it :) — Chaos_Canyon
  • I do like the way you've split the lanes for the racing, although that double jump looks like a real bear to get through unscathed. — SpyDude

Dude that's insane. There is no way for me to express how much appreciation I have for the work you put into these videos and tracks. This is by far the coolest track I've ever seen.

  • Yes! So creative and unique! Love it! — G4DiecastRacing
  • Thank you! I really wanted something that I hadn't seen before and that would be fun to watch. Considering the small, multiuse space I have, it takes a lot of extra planning and mucking around to get it all to work but I'm really happy with how the original rally for the canyon turned out. Keep an eye out for an even bigger and hopefully better rally next year too. — Chaos_Canyon
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