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Rally/off-road track

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gstackert 6/27/20

Bro I got you. Try using bricks. There variety in consistency makes for VERY exciting racing. The thing is, the track can't be too downhill, unless frequent  wrecking doesn't frustrate you. Also the bricks can scratch up nice paint jobs, especially Gulf.

I just ran a Monster Truck Event which included two different dirt type drag tracks and 2 stunt events

This video on my 2 lane track you will see a sand strip, a gravel strip then water and finish with dirt strip running along side the regular track.

I've been really intrigued by the guy who posts his paper pulp track occasionally on 3D's facebook group.  It doesn't seem that it's even close to done, but it definitely has an off-road appearance to what is there.

  • Paper mache would make a great off-road surface. You can control the bumpiness and everything, plus it's easy to make (and destroy) — redlinederby
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Dj2112yyz 8/30/21

I made mine with the  White glue and play sand method. At the top of it I used wood skiers as log jumps. If you like your paint jobs don't go this route It'll scratch and ding the cars up pretty quick.

We built a "BAJA DRAG" track using a thin, flexible dirt-brown handy-panel board which has a textured surface on one side. The look and performance is fantastic for any type of car. Check out our Rally Car Event on youtube and look for the off-road portion of the tournament to see it in action. If you want to use a true loose material, kinetic sand works really really well as it always remains tightly packed together...but only works well for the off-road vehicles. The traditional rally cars work somewhat but definitely not as well. Good luck and keep experimenting. 


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