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Local show today... 

Small haul from the North Dallas Toy Show this past weekend.

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WorpeX 11/9/19

Found some diecast racing LEGENDS today at the local farmers market. 

GsR sent the Fairmont and Hailey's Comet to the RNL tournament awhile back and I believe they both went undefeated, blowing away everything other teams threw at them. Unfortunately, this Fairmont was loose so not in great condition. The wheels move okay, but I doubt it'll be a burner like GsR has. 

Lumina Stocker is a classic also. I had one as a kid but it's pretty beat up, excited to see what a fresh one can do! The Indy is a bonus.

Vulture treasure hunt cause Vultures are cool and it was pretty cheap for a THunt. 

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