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What have you found lately?

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Purchased these recently. Hoping to be able to get a track set up soon. Just need to sort out a track timer and finish line, then I can start building.

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ChiefWopahoo 12/21/19
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Found one of my Holy Grail cars today along with a few other sweet pieces. I love pre-Christmas weekend flea market shopping. Sellers bring everything out and seem to be willing to deal. 

  • Heck yeah good job! Flea Markets around me are lame when it comes to Hot Wheels. I always get super jealous when others find great cars at them! — Mattman213
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WorpeX 12/29/19

Happy birthday to myself! 

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ChiefWopahoo 1/4/20
2020 Rated Rookie

Another good day of Hotwheel hunting. Found a few that'll likely make their way to the track. 

  • Awesome!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • Woah, a red (pink?) Caddy 16...didn't know that existed, great find! Can't have enough Ferraris either. — redlinederby
  • The 16v is a TH from 2007 and I knew they were out there but I've never seen one before plus it's on a short card. Wich means nothing once it's freed and on the track lol — ChiefWopahoo
  • Nice Speed Blaster! My favorite casting. :D I have no idea why I love it so much cause it aint fast, but I do. — WorpeX

Toy show today... 

Matchbox cars were a good score

hidden speed in here, $4 for set

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ChiefWopahoo 3/8/20
2020 Rated Rookie

Probably one of my better flea market Hotwheel'n days. Got a smoke'n deal on a pair of 80's Hot Ones along with a lot of 20 FTEs. Another vendor had a loose HO's Fairmont, a HO's 442, plus an early color-shifter Chevy for a buck. Also picked up a few mainlines for good measure. This definitely beats empty Walmart pegs.

  • RLD has created a monster, great line up and pick ups here — Traction-Event
  • He was gone long before he found RLD...although now FTEs probably mean a bit more — redlinederby
  • Treasure galore!!! — Mattman213
  • Brian V speaks the truth. The fascination/illness is well into it’s 3rd decade. — ChiefWopahoo

So many cars and still can't make it to the top 4..... ugh! 

So, let's open up another one fresh one. 

My Nascar mail haul. Now to mod a few for @Sub4ra

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Mayfield41 3/13/20

A nice Camaro lot of loose and carded for $10 off ebay and the others were finds at grocery store and dollar tree. I like the 180 sx matchbox.  Dont know if I'll open that one.

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ChiefWopahoo 3/15/20
2020 Rated Rookie

Stopped by an indoor race car show and out of the corner of my eye caught the unmistakable colors of a table full of Hotwheels for sale. Needless to say the vender now has a few less cars to tote home. 

  • How you guys get all these FTEs is pretty spectacular. There's more FTEs than TP right now. — redlinederby
  • While I admittedly have my radar up for FTE's and such, this was just luck. This same vendor also had multiples of all of the latest, greatest, hot ticket Hotwheels. I was focused on the FTEs but asked myself the same thing, how does he get all of these great cars? Especially since his pricing was very reasonable across the board. — ChiefWopahoo
  • I am suitably envious! Living on the "wrong" side of the pond where FTE's are basically unobtanium, pictures like that make my mouth water! The closest I can find are the colour changers, which while not actually FTE are reputed to have nickel plated axles, so "may" be faster. — TuxMcBea

50' track I can finish my timed Test Track...finally being able to record times and go from believe this will increase the Speed coming out of the LoS Racing Grounds 

  • Congrats! I need a timing system bad, would be a huge help for sure! — Mattman213
  • Score! How much that set you back? I've kind of given up on getting another roll for my track, prices always sky high. — redlinederby
  • Talked him down to $80 which included the shipping...was planning on selling the two cars at the HW Convention...not anymore — LeagueofSpeed
  • I like that. Nice find! — ChiefWopahoo
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Mayfield41 3/22/20

My latest ebay purchase ... gonna mod one, strip one and keep one. 5 bucks and free shipping

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