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1_of_many 3/23/20

just received aeroflash* to complete my gold medal speed casting.. *somehow its the hardest to find here.. down here those ferrari's have reached banned level. 

I had purchased a large lot of Hotwheels last summer and finally got around to looking at some of the loose cars included. While probably not racer material I thought these Matchbox Lesley cars were pretty cool. 

  • Love it — LeagueofSpeed
  • I have that top orange Rancho-looking's been in my "can I make it fast" bin for quite a while. I love the old Matchbox stuff. I'm realizing I had more MBX as a kid than I thought. — redlinederby
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FOTF 4/7/20

Not the NFS version, but I'm happy to finally have myself an Agera!

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Team164Bruno 5/16/20

Finally got out of the house for a day of Hotwheel huntin' at a couple garage sales and a couple flea markets. Found some keepers including a few FTEs, a pair of Johnny Lightning Munster cars (one of my favorite childhood tv shows) There was a little initial sadness as I also found a car half buried in someone's turf. But after talking to the owner we decided it should stay to serve as a permanent monument to the fun his kid had destroying his cars. I'm guilty of the same. 

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LeagueofSpeed 5/16/20
Event coordinator

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Chaos_Canyon 5/17/20

So I just scored this massive selection of vehicles (about 70 all up) for what works out as less than $1 each! So many new tournament possibilities

Some flea market finds today. 38 FTEs and a few others jumped into my little plastic grocery bag. 

Best score of a lifetime !

2 Super Treasure Hunts at once at the same Kroger today, and Hot Wheels are on sale for 50 cents!

I want to build this one next. Waiting for the right race.

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gstackert 6/10/20

I picked out some nice cars from Marianos, including (sorry no pics) an 08' Lancer evo, Volvo 850 estate, 2018 mustang Gt, Dodge Dart, and an Acura.

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Scoupe 6/15/20

This is a haul from the local flea market/antique shop, $60 all told. The loose ones up top are picked for varying interests; the Ford 9000 was a casting variation I've not seen before, the McDonald's police cruiser is one like from my childhood, the GHO Porsche should be obvious, and the rest are interests in projects for my track. 

The second shot, namely the Pro Circuit Petty car, JL Lightning Speed, and the classic Nomad are possible ringers in finding my next Fastest Stock Casting.

Treasure Hunts, final runs, novelty cars, pretty self-explanatory. They go into storage. 

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Team164Bruno 6/27/20

A buddy hooked me up with a bunch of cars and a Mongoose & Snake Drag Race set today. The cars include FTEs and a model called Accelerators. The Accelerators have some sweet looking wheels/tires and may become swap donors down the road. 

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